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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 27, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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this morning from st. louis to l.a. for their big beach vacation. they paid $1,200 for the tickets. and should get nearly $200 of it back. that can buy a lot of sunscreen. so if you're like that family and are flying between last saturday and until this mess is resolved in d.c., you are due a refund. what do you need to do? first of all, hang on to your receipt. second, e-mail your airline. they haven't decided yet if the airlines will pony up this money or if the irs will have to. that's one of many things still being sorted out in washington. ryan owens, abc news, dallas-ft. worth international airport. >> that story is phenomenally angering to many of us. save your receipts and get your money back. >> please do. what a big mess. all the people who have been furloughed, 4,000 workers have been furloughed since the faa
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was shut down. >> so much in washington not getting done, not being resolved, impacting all kinds of things. now you can't fly without getting screwed over a little bit. walmart executives are thinking out the big box with their latest venture, streaming movies online. the world's largest retailer has started streaming movies the same day they're released on dvd. 20,000 titles that can be viewed online. up to $6. purchase prices start at five bucks. the move challenges both net flicks as well as itunes. the u.s. postal service is beginning a study of more than 3,600 post offices to see which ones should be closed. that's more than 1 in 1 of ailing agency's retail outlets. one of those on the list is in philadelphia in a building once owned by benjamin franklin. it's a tourist attraction because it's billed as the nation's first post office. >> that's really sad. because this is something historic. ben franklin did a lot for this
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country. and this is onenef his legacies. >> ben franklin was the first postmaster general. now while this is a tourist attraction, this post office is not considered a moneymaker for the postal service. china is launching a safety campaign after saturday's deadly bullet train collision. details are emerging about the government's efforts to actually cover up details of the crash to save face. abc's clarissa ward is in beijing and she got a hold of some of the government's direct instructions. >> reporter: it was a horrifying scene. one of china's super-elite, high-speed trains smacked into the back of another train that had stalled, killing 39 people. now china's government is trying to bury the lead. they sent out instructions to chinese journalists covering the tragedy. among the highlights, do not investigate the causes of the accident. instead, the government says, concentrate on touching stories like how people are donating
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blood. they insist all stories have the same theme. in the face of great tragedy, the memo reads, there's great love. bottom line, do not question, do not elaborate. china's beijing/shanghai bullet train opened earlier this month with much fanfare. an example of china beaeang the u.s. in a race of technology and infrastructure. the crash is not the only story they're trying to bury. there have been troubling accusations that the rush to meet deadlines has come at the expense of safety. now, this is a country where people are extremely fearful of disobeying authorities but i want to show you one of the biggest newspapers here. it says, this accident should never have happened. why did it happen? clarissa ward, abc news, beijing. some containers at a plastics plant near san francisco caught fire creating a huge smoke plume.
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the fire, get this, started when employees were using what were described as open flame devices. all that black smoke could be seen for miles. it reached 9,000 feet in the air. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. no buildings were damaged. it is a much calmer day in the northeast today after a line of severe storms killed at least one person in massachusetts. heavy rain and winds damaged homes, left cars under water and stranded drivers. the winds were so ferocious a man on a moped died when he was hit by a falling utility pole. with that here's a look at your wednesday weather. a stormy day in the middle of the country. dangerous winds, hail and isolated tornados around rapid city, kansas city, des moines, minneapolis, and green bay. drenching down pours again in the southwest. showers and thunderstorms from new orleans to miami. >> 82 in boston. 95 in atlanta. 87 in the twin cities. 90 in chicago. 91 in omaha. another triple-digit day in dallas and phoenix. albuquerque hits 90. boise 86.
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well, there is news out of atlanta this morning. and yep, it's official. it's a girl. >> the little lady we're talking about, she's not really that little. she is a 6-foot giraffe calf born at the atlanta zoo last friday. >> they say she is healthy, nursing normally, and is going to spend two weeks with mom in private. it's unclear when she'll get a name or make her big public debut. >> how adorable. >> it is cute. >> a baby giraffe calf. i think that's so cute. >> it is cute. you know i'm not an animal person which you tease me about. the baby giraffe is cute. >> i will concede that. wouldn't want it in my house. >> we're making headway. we're warming him up. pretty soon you're going to be a cat lover. >> don't hold your breath. more "world news now" coming up after the break.
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♪ we're going at it tonight, tonight there's a party on the rooftop top of the world ♪ ♪ tonight tonight >> all right now to a story of survival and luck. it started when a british woman's car flipped over and started skidding down a very steep hill. >> it was heading right for the cliffs when it stopped in its tracks. before she was rescued she spent a tense night in that car literally teetering on disastst. here's the bbc's luis hubble. >> reporter: the north cornish coast -- remote, rugged, and for one driver, nearly fatal. perched just meters away from a sheer drop the driver of this car waited 18 hours for help. and when it did come, there was drama right until the end.
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the alarm was only rated this morning when a jogger saw the car teetering on the edge. an raf helicopter captured ben stafford comforting the driver. >> i climbed down the car fully expecting it to be empty and there was a lady in the passenger seat, to my shock. the glass was caved in, the roof was all caved in. i just told her to keep calm, help would be on its way, menial, small conversation to keep her occupied. >> reporter: the car came over the top of that live and the emergency nervouses think what happened was the flipped over and then continued bouncing down the hill until it came to rest in that spot there. and it's incredible that that car stopped at all. it's even more incredible that the iver spent the night inside it, trapped. it was misty yesterday afternoon, which may have caused the driver to come off the remote track. >> it's very unusual. it's just one of those accidents
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that happens, no one seems to know how or why. but we often get people stucks on cliffs that have attempted to climb up and realize they can't actually make it. that's our usual kind of work on these cliffs. >> reporter: the woman was airlifted to hospital where she underwent treatment for minor injuries. the car, however, didn't fare quite so well. louise hubble, bbc news, st. agnes. >> can you imagine, 18 hours? and probably the slightest move one way or the other would have tilted that thing over. >> someone else had gone down to try to help her and got stuck as well. the angle on thatcliff. >> she's very -- remember those scenes in movies where something's teetering and one little thing will switch it over? she was just in that situation. >> like a james bond film or something. coming up next, it is the opposite of super sizing at mcdonald's. >> that's right. kids' happy meals at the golden arches get a healthy makeover. find out what's missing next.
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♪ i like mine withlettuce and tomato ♪ ♪ heinz 57 and french fried potatoes ♪ >> hungry, anyone? >> oh, man. it's so good. for a generation a happy meal has been a staple of the american diet for kids. but considering all of the sodium, the sugar, the calories that is not really the healthiest option. >> not really healthy at all. that's why mcdonald's is putting a new spin on the happy meal. i guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? gone is some of the fat. but don't worry, the toy
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remains. >> oh, really? >> abc's scott goldberg has more. >> reporter: they've been the three ingredients of happiness for so many kids forore than 30 years. but times and concerns about childhood obesity have changed. so that is bringing changes to the mcdonald's classic. >> a happy meal. >> reporter: now parents won't risk their kids' wrath by substituting apples for french fries. now happy meals come with both. and only half as am fries. >> we're excited about it and we think both parents and children are going to absolutely love the changes that we're making. >> reporter: the changes come after unhappy critics pointed to studies that said things like of, of 108 possible happy meal combinations none met nutritional standards and some had as many as 700 calories. >> who got the strawberry? >> reporter: the new combination has 20% fewer calories, 15% less sodium, and 20% less saturated fat. that's not enough to impress a
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nutritionist who spoke with abc's matt gutman. >> a little bit makes a little bit of difference and every little bit does count. it does make a difference. a big difference would be replacing a whole bag of french fries for an apple. >> reporter: what's not going away, the toy. probably the ingredient kids love most. >> the toy is an important part of the experience, come on. kids have to have fun, you know. >> reporter: the red box gets a little healthier. the happiness is still inside. scott goldberg for abc news, new york. >> i mean, anyone who has kids knows it's all about the toy. >> got a skateboard in my happy meal. >> what do i have over here? ohohyeah. i got one too. >> there we go. >> excellent. >> kids love this stuff. kids want to have fun. apparently in addition to lowering some of the sugar and sodium, the fries, the serving will be smaller. and the fries themselves will be smaller. >> the important thing is there will still be fries. > don't care, keisha and i were having a debate about the best fries. i still say mcdonald's have the
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best fries. who do you think? >> wendy's and checker's. >> i still think mcdonald's have the best. >> i kind of have to agree with you.
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> wait, does that mean we have to stop eating? haven't finished our happy meals yet. >> best fries in the world. >> have you ever been in a really long flight and been bored, get really antsy, waiting for the flight to land? this is cool, flash mobs are becoming all the rage. how about a flash mob 40,000 feet in the air? there was this san francisco hula troupe that was on this flight. 20 of them start the doing a little hula dance, "i left my heart in san francisco." and i've never seen it. you've seen flash mobs in malls and outside plazas. you haven't seen one on an
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airplane. these folks got up and gave a little entertainment. >> takes a lot of coordination. >> kind of cool, something different. >> did they all pass security? i guess so. i don't know with that crowd. here's a story, this is a sweet story because we all know southerners love their beauty pageants. >> yes, they do. >> this is a special beauty pageant. it's miss s abama nursing home. and thelel scrimshire, 100 years young, was just crownwn miss alabama nursing home. she beat out 74 other contestants each representing a different nursing home. apparently it was her poise, her outlook on life and her involvement in her nursing home that won her the crown. isn't he gorgeous? >> that is a very cool story. what a good contest idea. did we miss the swimsuit competition? joking, joking, congratulations. here's a story i like too out of "the toronto stor."
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bob richardson who lost 252 pounds at this gym. >> impressive. >> extreme fitness, they have 13 gyms across the area, he won the $60,0000grand prize. the one thing they didn'n' shae about the competition, neither he nor the gym, was that he had the gastric bypass surgery a month before. >> cheating. >> so the runners-up are upset saying, that's false advertising. he didn't lose it on the treadmill, he got his stomach stapled the month before he joined the gym. they're like, we're celebrating someone who did god good in his life. >> i can understand why the other contestants were annoyed. the roseville dmv has been closed because a student driver crashed into it and createded a five-foot hole in the wall. so got to go to the other dmv if you need something done with your license. some of taken a few more license. >> few a few more.
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this morning on "world news now," political postponement. members of the house put off today's vote on a deal to aacack the federal debt. >> that plan backed by the house speaker didn't get enough support, making the capitol hill gridlock even worse. it's wednesday, july 27th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. the boehner debt deal could go to a vote tomorrow. in the meantime, angry americans are flooding capitol hill offices with complaint calls. it was just what the president called for during his primetime address this week. >> american anger now very high, 80% of the country upset with
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the way thisisebt crisis is being handled. i think the angriest we've been as a country. >> rightfully so. also ahead in this half hour with the tenth anniversary of f the 9/11 attacks quickly approaching and the recent death of osama bin laden, there is a new terror warning. see why it is being taken very seriously. scary warnings out there. >> absolutely. >> overseas especially. later this half hour, impulse buying and its impact on your budget. now there's a way to trackhat you do during a shopping trip and see how stores distract you into spending. >> we've all been in the store to get one thing and leave with a cart full of stuff we never thought t needed. >> happens to me every time. first action before allll o that, negotiations to nail down a deal on raising the debt ceiling are moving one step forward. seemingly five steps backwards. >> house republican leaders had promised a vote today on the boehner debt ceiling measure but it is under fire from tea party conservatives.
3:02 am
even if that plan could get through congress the white house is promising a veto. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. after president obama urged debt negotiators for compromise, they seem farther apart than ever. and americans are angry. americans are answering president obama's call to make their voices heard. they crashed the websites of house speaker john boehner, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and others. they clogged capitol phones saying the deadlock on the nation's debt is not acceptable. >> we're in the thousands here where the staff is besieged. >> reporter: they lined up outside the offices of congressmen like florida republican jeff miller. >> i think it's irrelevant whether they come up with the tuesday or not. i think it's a farce it's gone on so long. >> reporter: it's not just ordinary americans who are worried. >> to have a default would be very, very, very, very serious event. not for the united states alone. but for the global economy at large. >> reporter: still, after the president called for compromise,
3:03 am
the two sides seem further apart than ever. there is a house plan with dwindling chances it will overcome tea party opposition in that chamber and even less chance it will pass in the senate. president obama has vowed to veto it. >> the tea party is in the driver's seat for the house republicans now and that's a very, very scary thought. >> reporter: there's a senate e plan republicans call full of gimmicks like counting savings from the troop drawdown from iraq and afghanistan. >> it as $2.7 trillion increase in the debt ceiling with highly suspect spending reduction features. >> reporter: with a week to go until the august 2nd deadline when the government runs out of money, this exercise in capital brinksmanship is literally spending the treasury down to its last dollars. >> we've been hearing for weeks about this augusted 2 deadline but apparently the feds may have this extra cash. the government could pay its bills past august 2nd but still it doesn't really make this any
3:04 am
less intense. >> thanks to a little number crunching by the treasury department, there does seem to be a little leeway. it still needs to get done. >> some deal hopefully in the works, we'll see. one side effect of the big debt battle believe it or not is an increase in airline fares. they were put in place last weekend to make up for taxes that expired because washington just can't get its act together with anger over the increases now growing, some senators are demanding that airlines either roll them back or use the money to support aviation projects. keep in mind if you are flying, this very important, if you are flying these days you are actually due a refund. please keep your receipt and then contact your airline. very important. >> don't lose those receipts. state department is out with a new warning for americans traveling overseas. it says they should be concerned about suicide operations, assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings, and bombings. and the warning says there's enhanced potential for anti-american violence given the death of osama bin laden.
3:05 am
>> tourists, people working in other cities, they think that's a lot easier and it probably is a lot easier than coming back to attack washington or new york. >> probably the next, most significant terrorist threat may emanate from the al qaeda presence in somalia. >> a senior al qaeda leader recently killed in somalia was carrying computer files that indicated the group was discussing attacks on european hotels similar to the recent attack in mumbai, india. in norway, police are facing some fierce criticism over their response to last friday's bombing and shooting rampage. an elite unit took more than 90 minutes to reach gunman anders breivik who killed 68 people. they couldn't get to thth islan quickly because norway has only one police helicopter and all chopper pilots were actually away on vacation. one critic called the response "a bit of keystone kops." the other shoe has dropped in the case of congressman david
3:06 am
wu. first the oregon democrat announced he would not seek re-election after he was accused of an unwanted sexual encounter by an 18-year-old daughter of a campaign donor. now the congressman says he will resign as soon as the debt ceiling crisis is resolved. >> reporter: the writing is on the door at congressman wu's district office in downtown portland. a note telling reporters to call a number that was busy all day long. is anybody from the office going to make any statement, would anybody be available to go on camera? >> no, we don't have anybody here available for camera. >> reporter: today has an a busy one for the wu camp. monday morning house minority leader nancy pelosi formally requested an ethics investigation. but wu defiantly opposed stepping down, saying he would stick out his t tm. then in the afternoon, wu told staffers he might resign. after meeting with party leaders
3:07 am
and again after an admission to another democrat that he did, in fact, have an encounter with an 18-year-old, w unfortunately issued his resignation statement. among other things, wu wrote, the well-being of my children must come before anything else. with great sadness, i therefore intend to resign. this is the ririt decision for my family, t t institution o o thehouse, andy colleagues. it is also the only correre decision to avoid any distraction from the important work at hand in washington." >> that was tom jensen reporting from portland. seven of wu's staffers, you'll recall, resigned in january after he shared pictures of himself posing in a tiger costume. he is the first chinese-american to serve in the house. the 6-year-old girl attacked by a shark on a boogie board on a north carolina beach is expected to make a full recovery. a week after asking her parents if she was going to sky, lucy magnum is all smiles. lucy's father is actually a doctor and he says he quickly realized just how badly injured
3:08 am
she really was. her parents also say she immediately asked them to pray for her. >> she was amazing. much more calm and collected than i think most of the people on the beach at that time. >> what did that shark think you were? >> a fish? >> lucky little girl. she says she's forgiven the shark. her parents say they love the water and will go back to the beach. forgiven the shark. he's it months secret we love our sleep studies here on "world news now." but here's a good one. researchers at stanford say any interruption to our night's sleep seems to affect the way your brain works. >> ain't that the truth. they say being woken up by your crying baby or by someone snoring prevents your brain from forming memories, which is really the same effect as alcohol. those saturday mornings you don't know what happened. >> being woken up by your job? >> it must, that would explain a
3:09 am
lot around here. also whether there's a link to alzheimer's. if you don't get the right sleep, long-term impact on your memory. a lot of interesting things from the study. we can appreciate the sleep deprivation. >> bottom line, sleep is good. here is your wednesday weather. stormy in the middle of the country. dangerous 80-mile-an-hour winds. hail and tornados could be a threat in rapid city and kansas city all the way to green bay. thunderstorms from raleigh to new orleans. heavy down pours in the desert southwest. >> 104 in phoenix. 90 in sacramento. 86 in boise. dallas still hot in the trniple digits at 103. 80s in boston. also here in new york. meanwhile, some 90s from new orleans to baltimore. and an 8-year-old georgia girl has defied the odds just like she's done her entire life to win the title of miss georgia preteen. >> jenna gerner was born with spina bifida, a congenital
3:10 am
condition that keeps her confined to the wheelchaha. that didn't matter to the pageant judges who said her wheelchair disappears behind the light of her personality. >> jenna will head to california for the national american miss pageant and she says she is can't wait to go to disneyland. >> apparently she gets straight as, plays softball, does cheerleading, in girl scouts, takes swim lessons. her dad's been serving in afghanistan as well. just a remarkable little girl. >> proud dad. proud daughter. >> absolutely. more "world news now" coming up after the break. >> we'll be right back. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65,
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♪ we' going at it tonight, tonight ♪ all right, this is the segment where the show gets really interesting.
3:15 am
here we, go right? it's a question guys would typically only answer over a few rouns of beers with the boys. would you dump your girlfriend if she got fat? >> oh-oh. >> the online men's magazine went looking for the answer. >> they went there, they polled 60,000 men and came up with this, prepare yourself ladies, 48% of men surveyed said they would dump their female partner should she become fat. >> 52% were lying. >> is that so, rob? would you like to elaborate on that? >> i'm saying we live in a very superficial culture, i think most men, we are visual creatures. >> all right. >> i think a lot of men would -- >> fair enough. we have to say "cosmo" magazine did a similar poll in 2011 asking women, would they dump their mate if they got fat? only 20% said think would. >> women, you guys are just better people. >> i don't know, i don't know. this were other interesting
3:16 am
questions, though. >> yes. >> are you unsatisfied with your sex life? 46% of men said yes. >> wow. half of men out there. that explains s me things. that's pretty sad as well. >> that means a lot of unsatisfied women too. >> yeah, oh, man. another question here too, is sexting cheating? interesting question in light of recent news. 74% said sexting is cheating. i don't know if i agree with that. >> most sex therapists would agree with that. >> wouldn't you rather someone be sexting as opposed to actually -- >> if you're sexting your mate there's an idea for you, sext your mate. >> if you could get away with it would you punch a colleague in the face? 42% said yes. i found that very low. everybody has someone at work they would push in front of a train if it wasn't a crime. everybody has that one person. that's a low number. >> some people like to deal with their conflicts in a more
3:17 am
peaceful manner. >> there's not one person? all right, tanya. >> that was fun. >> good survey. discuss it amongst yourselves. >> we need more of ose. >> i'm going to hit the gym afterwards. when we come back this morning impulse buys during shopping trips. >> we'll show you the stores' tricks so you can avoid an expeive spending trap. you're watching "world news expeive spending trap. you're watching "world news now." cotton balls. duct tape. spoon. needle. thread. scalpel. announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life.
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welcome back, everybody. we've all done it. you go to the store for one little thing and end up walking out with tons of stuff that you really don't need. how do stores manage to get away with that? >> wish we knew. it should be no surprise the secret to big discount stores' success is technology. so how can you beat them at their own game? here's abc's becky worley. >> reporter: you're shopping. you look at your list. you try to stick to it. but retailers, especially discount retailers, are tempting
3:19 am
you with a treasure hunt of impulse buys. >> i just need the blender. >> reporter: to demonstrate we're using these new eye-tracking glasses from acall >> avatar. >> reporter: the dots show where your eyes are drawn while you're shopping. at this costco our volunteer shopper, carol, came for fruits, vegetables, candy and paper products. look how she's distracted from the items on her list. >> pistachios. paper. it's very easy to get distracted in costco. and just start filling up the cart. i might grab a bag of shrimp. these grilling planks are great for cooking fish. that's not bad for my two labrador retrievers. they get a treat. >> reporter: this is the secret. they rotate in impulse purchases, sometimes luxu items so you'll keep coming back to find out what's new.
3:20 am
nobody comes to costco to buy a piano. but such a deal! cococo revenue is up 10% from last year. based largely on growth in discretionary purchases like jewelry and home and garden. burberry sunglasses at cost co? other discounters like tj max and the dollar stores are reporting similar revenue gains. as is the shoe chain dsw. i found what i came for. but it can't hurt to look around. i found designer strappy sandals and had to have them. i can't help myself. and they're $30 off. then there's the chain called ross. don't even get me started on this store. experts say rotating in random inventory turns shopping into a treasure hunt. $12020ff retail? i could at least try it on. we get a hit in the pleasure centers of our brain when we score a deal on something unexpected. and retailerer are getting an extra boost from shoppers who
3:21 am
tweet their funds. search twitter for the hash tag maxx finds and see up to the minute deals from shoppers in the stores, often with accompanying pictures. surprises create suspense and encourage repeat visits. they can also up your spending considerably. like our shopper came. the items on her list added up to over $128. and her impulse buys? they were $214. almost twice what she planned to spend. >> i'll be really honest, i often do a lot more damage when i come to costco. i don't shop here very often because when i do i end up buying a lot of things i don't need. >> reporter: while bucket stores do offer great prices on the basics, beware those impulse buys that feel so good but ultimately blow the budget. becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> oh my god. >> we are impulsive creatures. >> we certainly are. what would life be without a
3:22 am
little up pulse every now and then, right? >> certain shopping malls are designed without windows or clocks like a casino. >> pumping the oxygen in. [ male announcer ] if it's true that sharks can sense even a drop of blood from a quarter of a mile away, which razor would you use? ♪ ♪ ♪ here would ♪ you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround.,
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♪ vacation all i ever wanted welcome back, everybody. it is summer. that of course time for vacation. everyone's trying to get one. most familyy vacations start wih those back seat screens of are we there yet? and end with the need for another vacation for a lot of the folks. >> isn't that the truth. now researchers have broken down the science behind vacation and abc's sharyn alfonsi has the formula for the perfect getaway.
3:26 am
>> reporter: the great american holiday. it's supposed to be a great escape. but for so many of us, it's just exhausting. meet the kline family. on day three of their new york vacation. >> it's like, are we there yet? are we there yet? is it far? i'm hungry, i'm thirsty. >> reporter: the good news, scientifically, it should get better. researchers found we're least happy on the second or third day of our vacation. that's when we're most likely to be tired, get sick or pick up a bug from our new surroundings. and our happiness peaks when we've unwound and oriented. typically the day before we go home. so, back to the klines. how long do they get to get away to get the most out of it? turns out more days doeoe't mean more happiness. scientists found short trips, two to six days, are actually the most beneficial to our well-being. frequent, shorter trips gives us something to look forward to.
3:27 am
and researchers found most people actually enjoy planning their vacation more than the vacation itself. the anticipation, it seems, is often sweeter than the reality. while many of us dream of lounging by the pool with a good book, pretending the shrieking kids belong to someone else, scientists say we should put down our books and get up. studies show vacations that involve activities actually bring us more happiness. and when it's time to go home, don't do it on a sunday. it's the surest way to lead to a post-holiday mood crash. instead, experts say come back on thursday or friday, giving you a few days to re-enter reality and recover from vacation. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> i like that. i knew there was a science behind it. rob, tell us, do you have any vacation time coming up? >> i'm going to mexico for a few days in early august. a long weekend, like three days, coming back and that's it. i like it. shorter -- >> and that's your
3:28 am
transportation? nice wheels. transportation? nice wheels. >> me and the last from nationa i oman yr wa atoe.skip transportation? nice wheels. >> me and the last from nationa and e docr y.omanrar nawao the
3:29 am
and it's sixty percent off, we can each get one! i should not be shopping. i don't think we can pay the mortgage this month. sometimes i don't know how. i still need you. now, more than ever.
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," terror alert. what intelligence experts now say about al qaeda, its new leader and why americans are still at risk. >> and this time americans traveling abroad could become targets. it is wednesday, july 27th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. the latest terror warnings follow osama bin laden's fatal take-down. bin laden had been planning another attack around the 9/11 anniversary despite his death. these new threats are very serious. >> as we said in that headline, overseas, if you're traveling overseas this summer, be on extra alert. >> absolutely. >> scary information coming out.
3:31 am
also ahead this half hour a remarkable story of survival involving a 3-year-old boy hiking with his parents in the oregon mountains. find out what his dad did after the little boy took a 70-foot plunge. >> so scary, unbelievable. later this half hour a seattle homeowner took immediate action when he woke up to find an intruder. his action was so immediate he forgot something rather important, his clothes. >> we've had a couple of naked stories the last two days on the show. always brightens the mood. all right. before all that, the white house has issued a new warning to americans traveling overseas. they are facing increased security risks. >> al qaeda and other terror groups are planning attacks against u.s. interests. it all ties back to the raid that killed osama bin laden. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: al qaeda's vow of revenge for osama bin laden's killing is no idle threat. >> tourists, people working g other cities, they think that's a lot easier and it probably is a lot easier than coming back to attack washington or new york. >> reporter: the state department bulletin warns of an
3:32 am
enhanced potential for anti-american violence given the death of osama bin laden. current information suggested al qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks. sources tell abc news that after bin laden's killing al qaeda's new leader al zawahiri told operatives to target americans wherevever they can be found. not just the u.s. homeland. according to the state department americans should be concerned about suicide operations, assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings and bombings. u.s. officials are also mindful that bin laden had encouraged leaders to attack the u.s. by the tenth anniversary of 9/11. >> there is a desire to do an attack, therefore americans whether they're at home or abroad need to take that into account. as well as the new guidance from al qaeda to its cells to attack overseas americans. >> reporter: and there is growing concern about the reach of al qaeda affiliates overseas in yemen and the emerging threat from somalia.
3:33 am
a seniororl qaeda leader recently killed in somalia was carrying computer files indicating the group was considering mumbai-style attacks on hotels in europe. this warning the now noom know to head the national counterterrorism center. >> probably the next most significant terrorist threat may emanate from the al qaeda presence in somalia. >> reporter: at least 40 americans have gone to somalia to fight and train in recent years. the worry is that some of them uld be directed to attack here at home or overseas, which is exactly what the state department is concerned about. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> alarming news. >> scary information. there will be meetings today talking about 40 americans they knkn have been recruited by a terror group in somalia. this is something to keep an eye on for god knows how long. >> absolutely. airlines are facing increases that were put in place over last weekend. they went into effect after some taxes expired as a result of the political logjam in washington. now some senators are demanding
3:34 am
airlines either roll them back or use the money to support aviation projects. by the way, if you are flying these days you are due a refund so keep your receipt and contact your airline. >> all the fees they're charging these days, save your receipt and get that money back. >> after being charged $25 for that bag. >> and blankets and -- oh, man. get your money back. with the debt ceiling deadline getting closer these days compromise seems further away than ever. with a vote set on the so-called boehner plan has been canceled. >> conservative critics say it needs to include deeper cuts. democrats say it's doomed no matter what. abc's john hendren is in washington. good morng, john. >> reporter: good morning, tanya and rob. phone lines are jammed, websites are jammed, and americans are responding to president obama's call to let their voices be heard. but democrats and republicans seem to be hearing different things. americans are answering president obama's call to make their voices heard. they crashed the websites of house speaker john boehner,
3:35 am
senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and others. >> we're in the thousands hehe where the staff is besieged. >> reporter: one week till d-day and the debt negotiators are not even negotiating. instead they're now pushing rival bills to raise the debt ceiling and cut the deficit. >> i think it's irrelevant whether they come up with it tuesday or not. i think it's a farce that it's gone on so long. >> reporter: it's not just ordinary americans who are worried. >> to have a default would be a very, very, very, very serious event. not for the united states alone, but for the global economy at large. >> reporter: there is a house bill that likely can't pass the senate, and there's a senate bill that likely cannot pass the house. both raise the debt ceiling, cut more than $1 trillion in spending, and do not raise taxes. the senate debt raises the debt ceiling through 2013. the house version only raises the debt ceiling until next spring, meaning we'd go through this debate all over again. and that is a process the president opposes. the debt ceiling increase must be passed by august 2nd in order
3:36 am
to avoid default. americans are fed up. a new abc news/"washington post" poll finds president obama's approval ratings when it comes to the economy are at an all-time low of 39%. for republicans it's 28%. tanya and rob? after first announcing that he would not seek re-election next year, congressman david wu now says he's going to resign following a sex scandal. the seven-time oregon democrat is accused of an unwanted sexual encounter with the 18-year-old daughter of a campaign contributor. wu claims the encounter was consensual. he says he will step down as soon as the debt ceiling crisis has been resolved. harsh criticism for norway's police force after friday's mass murders. questions are being raised over why it took more than 90 minutes for an elite unit to stop gunman anders breivik who killed 68 people. one european anti-terror chief called the response an amazing failure. it could lead to major law enforcement changes in a country
3:37 am
that was once considered a low terrorism risk. singer amy winehouse has been cremated following what one family friend calleded joyful celebration of her life. several hundred friends and family attended winehouse's funeral yesterday in london. her father delivered the eulogy saying winehouse had beaten drugs three years ago but she was still struggling to control her drinking. winehouse, of course, died last saturday. she was just 27 years old. an oregon couple is enjoying every moment with their 3-year-old son after a family outing nearly ended in tragedy. the boy fell off a steep cliff, a plunge that could have killed him. but as katu reports, thanks to his dad, the boy suffered a few scratches. >> reporter: watching 3-year-old emanuel, you'd never think he had a traumatic experience just sunday. >> for him it seems like nothing happened. parents, anna and ramiro, were at silver falls state park.
3:38 am
they made a last-minute decision to view south falls. at the top, they stopped for a cold drink near a double railing. >> i gave him his drink and i put mine down and as soon as i was putting it dowowi heard him say, "mommy, look, i'm sitting down." as soon as i turn around he was over and falling. >> it was a one-second thing. we lost sight of him and we saw him fall down. >> so i just started screaming. i didn't know what to do. i was just screaming like crazy. >> reporter: the boy's father did. he didn't hesitate to jump over the railing. >> i didn't know where i was going to land. just instinct. >> reporter: a witness understand this picture. ramiro slid 70 feet until he reached his son. they stopped and he just held on, hoping to avoid the base of the 177-foot falls. >> i feared he was going to go all the way down to the rocks. >> reporter: good samaritans at the bottom helped them down safely.
3:39 am
his family says emanuel is lucky to only have scratches. >> happy ending to a scary story. >> no kidding. >> that report from katu. emmanuel was checked out at the hospital and released. >> lucky, lucky, lucky. his parents say he has no idea how dangerous his fall really was. >> see that smile? he had n nidea. >> oh, man. kids are resilient, right? >> they certainly are. here's a look at your forecast. severe storms from the dakotas and across the upper midwest. hail, heavy rain and gusty winds in omaha, kansas city, des moines and minneapolis. showers and thunderstorms from the carolinas down to florida and along the gulf coast. rain from albuquerque to salt lake city. >> 69 in seattle. 81 in billings. 92 in colorado springs. fargo at 85. kansas city 95. 84 in new york and 90 in miami. >> i'll take 84 any day. >> amen. a rather elderly panda has given birth to a female cub at a research center in southwest china.
3:40 am
>> new mom li li is 19 years old but it's equivalent to about 78 in human years. thanks to artificial insemination li li is fawning over her still-unnamed baby that weighs in a little over 6 ounces and vets say they both are actually in great condition. >> artificial insemination for pandas. >> the world is a beautiful place. >> it really is. got to keep the baby pandas coming somehow. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now" after this. ♪
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a georgia mother was sentenced tuesday in a case that generated controversy across the country. her crime? jaywalking. her 4-year-old son was hit while they were crossing the street. >> for more on her fate and why this case is so explosive, here's abc's scott goldberer good morning, scott. >> reporter: rob and tanya, in the eyes of the law raquel nelson still is guilty of behavior that killed her son. now she has a chance to clear her record. the judge who sentenced her told her she also has the right to
3:44 am
request a new trial. raquel nelson said she was shocked to be here, convicted of killing her 4-year-old son a.j. because she was jaywalking when someone else driving a car hit him. >> the sentence is entirely on probation. >> reporter: so this was bittersweet relief. nelson got 12 months probation and 40 hours of community service. she could have received up to three years in prison after a jury found her guilty of vehicular homicide, reckless conduct, and crossing a street somewhere other than a crosswalk. >> i'm walking out of here. i don't think i could be any more satisfied than that, thank you. >> reporter: adding insult to the pain of her loss, jerry guy, the driver who admitted hitting a.j. and then speeding away, served only six months in jail. and he had two prior hit and run convictions on his record. in this case, nelson, her son and two daughters were coming home from a birthday party. the bus dropped them off in
3:45 am
front of their apartment and the closest crosswalk was one-third of a mile away. nelson chose to cross the four-lane road. defense lawyers say prosecutors had the right to charge her under georgia law, but that doesn't mean they had to. >> it results in placing a child in a position where he or she is rt or god forbid killed. you balance that with the fact that what that parent is going through because they lost that child. >> reporter: in this case, as nelson said, receiving the maximum sentence would have meant three years away from her two surviving children. nelson's lawyer says she hasn't decided yet if she wants to stand trial a second time or just accept the sentence. she has 30 days to make the decision. rob and tanya? >> the lawyer said she probably would accept another trial even though that could open up the possibility of actual jail time. i think the e oblem is people are going, how can the guy who hit the kid get a lighter sentence than the mom? >> that seems so unfair, doesn't it? georgia has particularly tough jaywalking laws on the books but just seems so unfair. >> that is insane. i'm sure that's -- wow.
3:46 am
shocking story. i don't know what to say about that. hopefully -- you know. she's still dealing with the pain of losing that little boy. >> the pain of losing a child and then being convicted. yeah it's really, really sad. lighten the mood when we come back. >> on a lighter note, hugh hefner's ex will spill her sex secrets. >> a real lightening of the mood with that story. and is it boxers or briefs for alec baldwin? >> or something else? >> revealing details next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
whoo, lots of good stuff today, let's get to it. >> here's a story that will come as a huge surprise to everyone out there. i'm so sorry to say that kat von d and jesse james have broken up. boy, let me tell you. >> two pure souls who just couldn't make it. >> apparently according to jesse it was a matter of the distance, he says he still loved her. here's the thing that's really got to bururfor kat. she had just gotten a tattoo of jesse's face done to the left side of her body. guess there was a little bit of skin left. there, there it is. that was him as a young boy.
3:49 am
apparently he was worried -- she was worried what his reaction was going to be. she said she was worried he might break up with her. >> i'm so sorry they didn't make it. >> i really don't think it was the tattoo, kat, i really don't think it was the tattoo. >> a little more than that, kat. this story, i love this story here. crystal harris, she's the former hugh hefner girlfriend. apparently she went -- former fiancee. she went on howard stern's radio show on tuesday and kind of spilled some secrets about what sex is like with the old man, with the legendary hef. >> she did not. >> she says "the sex lasted like two seconds then i was just over it." she said they only had sex one time, he really doesn't take off his clothes, i've never seen hef naked. now she's apparently dating dr. phil's son. apparently she spilled secrets on my boy hef. hef has had a legendary sexual life. >> don't you know you never kiss and tell, isn't that rule number one? >> he's 90 years old, i'm happy that it lasted two seconds, i'm happy that it got that far at 90 years old. you keep doing your thing, hef.
3:50 am
>> yeah, hef, all right. here's a fun story for you. alec baldwin goes on a three-hour twitter-a-thon and reveals very interesting thihin about himself. one question was boxers or briefs? what do you think he said? >> i pray boxers. >> he wrote, thongs. okay? that's something to think about. >> tongue in cheek i hope. >> yeah, yeah. blonds, brunettes or redheads? well, he kind of said all of the above. >> what are you going to say to that? >> he wrote about his favorite barsrsn new york, he wrote about his "30 rock" character, he went on for three hours. >> was he horribly bored or something? was that it? >> i don't know, the guy likes to tweet. >> alec baldwin and thongs and hugh lasts two seconds. this is a lightning skinny today. this is another funny one. adrian kerr, she won "america's next top model" a few years ago, i think she was dating a attitude from the bradys for a while, had a reality show. she was at comic con, a big event out in california, she
3:51 am
actually got kicked out after her signing because she said her outfit was just a little too sexy. >> wait. >> there she is. >> how can you be too sexy for comic con? i thought a lot of guys hang out there, who's complaining? >> it's a freak show out there. >> there's adrian on the left. on the right is the character she was supposed to be portraying. >> it looks like a pretty -- pretty close to me. doesn't it? >> it does to me. she is very, you know -- i had no problem with it myself, let's just say that. apparently comic con escorted her out, you're dressed too sexily for this event. >> talk to the guy who drew the comics. because that looks pretty similar to me. >> it's art. >> "the jersey shore" has a new guest star. that's right. deejay pauly d is all said to make a guest appearance on the show. i guess they need to spice it up a little bit. >> pauly's going to be on tour with britney for a couple of shows. >> that's right. [ that's what's going on. tell me the amazing fame most kids on "the jersey shore" is
3:52 am
absolutely staggering. from absolutely nobody to on tour with britney spears. they're laughing all the way to the bank. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great.
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. the difficult process of selecting jurors for the warren jeffs trial in san angelo, texas, is over. the leader of the polygamous ct is on trial for sexual assault charges. the walter reed medical center in washington, d.c. closes today after treating generations of injured vets. patients will be moved to two military hospitals nearby. and pull out the stamp because it's time for our favorite story of the day. ready? >> oh, come on. >> oh, we got to get it together. >> off day. they've been drinking upstairs. >> yesterday our stamp-worthy story was a woman who confronted a naked intruder and it was a good one. >> today the roles are reversed. this time it's a naked seattle man who confronted his clothed intruder.
3:56 am
here is komo's dan lewis. >> this morning around 5:00 a.m. i heard some rustling about and i thought it was the cat. and i realized after a few moments it was not the cat at all. >> reporter: what he heard was a familiar sound to him. his heavy landscaping tools being dragged across the bed of his truck. >> i opened the door as quietly as possible. from this viewpoint i noticed that the back panels of my truck were on the ground. so i jumped out off the porch and hollered at the gentleman. and he decided to come down out of the back of my truck on top of me. so we wrestled about. and then the altercation went to the street where i threw him down on the asphalt and alisa, my girlfriend, came out with the baseball bat and i had him in a choke hold and she started beating him with the bat. >> reporter: oh, there's one more thing. dykstra and his girlfriend didn't have any clothes on. >> naked, both of us.
3:57 am
>> completely naked? >> in the middle of the street. >> reporter: it's all caught on camera. he has a security system because someone broke into his house awhile back. he says his girlfriend hit the guy in the leg a few times because he kept trying to get away but dykstra wasn't going to let that happen. >> i had my forearm across his windpipe. so i was pressing down and controlling his breathing for him. >> reporter: the cops came, cuffed the guy and found a knife they think had fallen out of his pocket during the scuffle. like i said, don't mess with randall dykstra. >> i was very upset someone was trying to rob me of my livelihood. >> two stories in a row featuring baseball bats and nakedness. >> defend your home buck naked. that is america, folks. that is a patriot. there you go. that picture of you and the bat. >> oh, i missed it. glad i missed it, don't need to see that one again. >> buck naked defending your home, ballsy move. i know i barely ever talk to you guys,
3:58 am
sometimes i don't know how. i still need you. now, more than ever.
3:59 am
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